The Different Types of Office Partitions

Office Partitions

First impression carries the most important role in a business. Every company wants to show their best side to their potential clients when they walk into the company. This is why glass partitions are becoming increasingly popular among office interior designs in Singapore. If you are interested to introduce office glass solutions into your workplace, take a look at some of the types of office glass partition available and what might be the right one for you:  

Acoustic partitions

– Normally made in single glaze, double glaze and solid partitions. Solid partition has a better soundproofing features, thus it provides complete privacy compared to glass partitions; while double glaze has the best soundproofing features because it has vacuum space between the 2 pieces of glasses. 

Demountable partitions

– Able to be dismantled and removed and always ready to be reassembled or repositioned. It can, thus shorten the dismantle and installation times. It provides flexibility to the business that is changing over time. It also helps business to achieve vision effectively.

Glass partitions

– It can provide soundproofing privacy for workers without having the feeling of being cut off or being excluded. Glass partitions provide frameless appearance and looks more stylish compared to other partitions. However, other people can see thoroughly what you are doing, thus it provides less visual privacy compared to solid partition. 

Installing glass partitions in your office offers numerous benefits. Not only do they reduce noise for whoever is within the space, but they are also relatively easy to clean. 

Here are four other benefits of installing glass partitions in your workplace:


– It is more affordable to divide your huge workplace into few offices compared to using solid, cement walls. The cost of materials for partitions is significantly cheaper than permanent walls. It requires less workmanship and easier to install and dismantle. Hence, the cost of installation if lower.


– Most of the companies have a foreseeable future and their business is changing all of the time. For example, the number of employees, way to work and size of departments. Your company office area will not be limited by installing partitions because it can be easily removed. Office partitions can be taken down and relocate easily. No dust, no noise, just the right things in the right place. 


– One of the most influencing factors of a company specialising in installing partitions is that they are able to divide a huge office space into a few private places easily. A company will not get stuck in planning to create a private space where they can get a temporary soundproofing office partition. Partitions can also be permanent wall, provided if the company installs a good quality of partitions and do not remove it until the end of the business life. 


– Office partitions can help enhance your office design. However, it depends on what kind of material you choose match with your office design layout. Office partitions is one of the most stylist elements in an office. Company can stamp on their company logo or hang company related photo to transform them into stand-out features of the office.

Nowadays many companies advertise through websites, so customers do not know whether the company is reliable, trustworthy and good enough to deal with or not, that’s why a well-designed office is very important. Glass partitions ultimately give your working space a refined and polished look. 

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