Shattered Tempered Glass Tabletops

 Tempered glass has often used a tabletop to either protect wood grains on the natural wood tops or serves as the table surface. However, once must take extra caution on the type of glass being used as tabletop. The most common type of tabletop is single glazed tempered glass. This solid one layer option is often picked due to its lower cost, faster fabrication lead time and simpler edge profile. 

The danger of a single glazed tempered glass is that it offers no protection against broken shards ricocheting outwards during breakage and will collapse immediately during breakage. It also offers no warning signs or reaction time to deal with its structural failure.

 With the improvement of glazing knowledge, laminated tempered glass becomes the recent safer option when it comes to the safety glass tabletop. It consists of two layers of tempered glass with a 1.52mm clear polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. Upon breakage of one of the two layers, the intact layers hold on to the broken shards and prevent broken shards for dislodging for the glass unit and allows for reaction time for users to get the glass replaced.

 Yet, there is one even safer option when it comes to glass and its other applications and that is SGP Interlayer. In the situation where both of the above mentioned laminated tempered glass was to break, it once again offers no reaction time for the user as the glass will collapse due to gravity. But that is not the case if SGP interlayer is applied instead of PVB interlayer. SGP is more rigid and would be able to hold the broken glass even if both pieces break and allows for maximum reaction time for remedy and replacement. So, when it comes to glass products, make sure you approach a reliable glass contractor and supplier to advise on the pros and cons of different glass products. 

Below is a chart and a video link that illustrates the effectiveness of the different types of glass:

Types of GlassEffects during breakageEffects during breakageEffects during breakage

Shards Explode OutwardsCollapse Due to GravitySudden Failure (No Reaction Time)
Tempered Glass (Single Layer)YesYesYes
Laminated Tempered Glass (PVB Interlayer)No(If only one layer breaks)No(If only one layer breaks)No(If only one layer breaks)
Laminated Tempered Glass (SGP Interlayer)NoNoNo

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