Replacing Windows of High-Rise Buildings

High Rise Buildings

Damage on windows may be easily overlooked but for security and safety reasons, it is important to address the problem and get them repaired. It is more challenging to repair and dangerous if the damaged window is from a high-rise building. But that does not mean it is impossible to replace. Consider looking into architectural glass replacement services in Singapore for your replacements. To understand how it may have happened, here are three reasons why your window panels can get damaged or cracked: 

Weather and Climate

  • Windows are the frontline of the building which are expected to stand under the hot sun, heavy storm rain, huge wind and so on. However, seasonal temperatures difference and changes will wear away the durability of glass and window. Humidity can also cause the window casement to deteriorate lead to cracking and breaking window panes of the building.

Physical Impacts

  • Window glasses are able to withstand light physical impacts but not heavy physical impacts from flying objects such as balls, stones and even birds. With enough impact, it can cause the glass to shatter or at least crack. 

Window Age

  • Lastly, even the most well-maintained window glass will still eventually appear the signs of wear and tear due to age. Different types of window glasses have different lifespans. After the window glass had reached its’ period of lifespan, all its components will begin to deteriorate. Even though the window glasses might never been hit or damaged, it will still crack due to contraction and expansion from surrounding buildings.

There are few types of windows that are in high-rise buildings such as:

Laminated tempered glass 

Laminated Tempered Glass

A combination of laminated and tempered glass, its safety and strength are much stronger than ordinary laminated glass and tempered glass. 

Heat Strengthened glass


Heat-strengthened glass is able to resist wind pressure and withstand a high temperature of up to 295ºC. 

Take a look at how our process of replacing the glass panels for you:

  1. Go down for site measurement to assess how the glass to be installed in actual site and check whether any equipment is required to install the glass in a safe and professional manner. 
  2. The glass will then be procured in exact size.
  3. Liaison with relevant authority, i.e. Management, HDB, LTA etc, to inform them on the replacement works and if necessary, offer a thorough method of statement for the steps required to replace the broken glass panel. 
  4. Once the glass is ready for installation, the glass will be transported to site. The relevant safety precaution will then be set in place for the replacement works to be carried out in a safe and professional manner. (i.e. cordoning off the area, restrict access, safety harness, PPE for the workers etc)
  5. The existing silicone and/or fixture securing the broken glass is then removed.
  6. If required, install plywood/safety film as a backing before removing the broken piece.
  7. Clean up existing U channel, remove any residual glass shard and clean up the surface in order to get ready for installation work.
  8. Set the replacement glass in place, before installing the glass, reuse the existing fixture if necessary.
  9. Followed by that, reapply silicone sealant on required surfaces to ensure the structural integrity of the replacement glass.

To make sure nothing goes wrong during the repairs, we also take these precautions:

  1. Videography – Workers will take a video during site measurement. Video needs to be taken if there is any sound heard from the broken door or window for verification and discussion in office.
  2. Photography – Workers will take a photo of the broken glass for verification and discussion in the office.
  3. Colour sampling matching with clients at the actual site to match up with the most similar colour. 
  4. Record down measurement size in a note pad during site measurement. 
  5. Prepare a to-do list for worker to ensure that they did not make mistakes during installation work.  

Now that you are more informed on what will roughly take place during your window replacement, your next priority may be the cost of replacing your windows. The price may differ due to three main factors:


Work access 

Glass replacement from inside of the building is easier than replacement from outside of the building. Therefore, expect the cost of replacing glass panels from outside of the building to be higher. 

Types of glass

Price of the glass panel is usually reflective of the difficulty of the process the glass panels must undergo. For example, double glazed units glass panels have the most extensive properties such as thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.


Larger glass requires more manpower, heavy machinery, and other means of transportation to deliver and install. The risk involved in replacement of large glass is exponentially higher than normal size glass, hence, there is often a risk premium involved. 


If you need help with window replacement for commercial buildings, public spaces and residential sites, get started with us today. With Kario Glass Pte Ltd, we cover a wide array of glass and structural solutions, providing services with our experienced glass-work consultants and a dedicated team of glass installation specialists. Contact us at 83889444/ 63167229 or email us at [email protected]

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