Mission and Vision

Glass Industry – Kario Glass
Opening doors to greater heights

At Kario Glass Industry, we believe in achieving more with less by being efficient and having a good balance between cost, time and quality. For more detail here.

COST – Being in the industry for more than 20 years, we have built good relationship with our suppliers and savings on bulk purchases is passed on to our clients.

TIME – Our products are readily available from locally sourced suppliers or from malaysia. This reduces waiting time especially for emergency replacement projects.

QUALITY – We carefully curate vendors with recognised certifications to maintain high standards of quality.

Over 6000
Happy Customers!
excellent after-sales service

We maintain a steady base of returning clients with dedicated service and practical solutions.
In addition, you can expect clear and responsive communication channels and documentation in our projects.

excellent response time

We have proven track records with businesses and individuals alike. Furthermore, we treat our clients equally, no matter big or small.

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