Glass Impact Test Equipment

Glass Impact Test Equipment

The glass is a widely used material these days. It participates as a role of an essential requirement in interior and exterior decoration. Glass has an immensely brilliant quality of creating the illusion, illusion of space, color, variety, etc.  Safety is the top list of the specification  so when it comes to installation of glass. There are ways to do impact test or glass capacity.

Significantly, laminated glass does not shatter to the floor when it breaks. However, the glass fragments keep and hold together which avoid possible damages to surrounding or hurt someone.  It is important to note that it is a good practice to use reliable glass safety tested glass for installation.

The following figures are the materials that used to test the glass density or capacity such as rubber tire and steel ball. This testing result is effective as a benchmark for glass safety.  It is important to understand the use of glass or the capacity of glass to make a better decision on the installation at the appropriate places and locations.

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Safety Glass Testing Equipment

Figure : Rubber Tire

Kario Glass_Steel Ball_Glass Impact Equipment

Figure : Steel Ball

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