7 Benefits of Installing Glass Office Partitions

Glass Partitions for Office

The common misconception of using glass partitions in an office is that they are purely for decorative purposes. Some business owners in Singapore may feel that glass partitions only look better compared to normal partitions, which are opaque and unable to print logo design on it. However, office glass partitions are more than just for decorative purposes. In fact, they also have some other functions that will benefit your office space. For example, it is able to provide an open plan feel whilst dividing the room into a few private spaces. 

Another common misconception is that all types of glass partitions is considered “safety glass”. There are only 2 types of glass that are considered as safety glass, these are tempered glass and laminated glass. This is due to tempered glass breaking into smaller pieces with ‘softer’ edges compared to normal glass which has ‘hard’ edges; Meanwhile, laminated glass will not be shattered into large or sharp pieces when it breaks. Its shattered glass will stay in place. 

Why Choose Office Glass Partition in Singapore?

Yes, managers would prefer partitions for more productive employees. Below are the reasons why manager prefer glass partitions. 

  • Improved productivity – Installing glass partitions in offices enhances productivity among the workforce. In the knowledge that they might be under constant scrutiny, employees carry out work in a more diligent manner.
  • Flexibility – The biggest financial gain of installing glass office partitions comes from the amount of flexibility offered.
  • Easy maintenance – Although it might not seem true, a glass office partition is relatively easy to clean and maintain since you can always use a window cleaning solution to wipe down the glass panels quickly.
  • Efficient – You can effectively lessen the need for electric lighting, particularly during the day, by installing office glass partitions. A reduced dependency on artificial lighting, which often is expensive to run, minimizes the amount of energy consumed and saves you a lot of money.
  • Improved lighting – When it comes to workplaces, the lack of natural light is one of the biggest problems faced today, particularly since it often results in reduced workplace energy and staff fatigue.
  • Privacy – Many people are hesitant when it comes to installing glass partitions because they would not want to take away their employees’ privacy. But contrary to popular belief, installing a glass office partition does not necessarily compromise on privacy.
  • Aesthetic value – With increased global competition, winning over new clients is becoming increasingly hard. As such, being efficient and presentable is critical for a company to impress new clients when they come to your office.

thinking of installing Glass Partition in office?

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