4 Glass Panel Designs for Your Office Interior

When someone enters your office, your interior design will determine your company’s first impression on them. While remodelling your current workspace may seem like a tedious process, its final look will not only wow your customers, but it can also inspire your employees. In fact, many business owners are using glass panel installation in Singapore to create a more unique workplace design.

Office Interior

We have previously discussed some types of architectural glass for specific applications such as shower doors, stairs and windows. Apart from the ones we have mentioned such as laminated, tempered and heat-strengthened glass, there are other glass panel designs that you can consider for your office space:


Here, colour pigments are added to the glass and they can vary based on the amount of light you want to let into your space. You can opt for a dark tint, which will give you the much-needed privacy in private offices or conference rooms. A light tint, on the other hand, will brighten up the room while adding a modern touch to your office space. This type of glass can ultimately be used to distinguish the space from the rest of the office layout. On top of that, if your office is facing in the direction of the harsh sun glare, it may be hard to look at your laptop screen but the good news is, tinted glass windows can help you solve that problem. This increases the comfort in the office, making tinted glass an increasingly popular option for business owners in Singapore.

Reflective coated

To create reflective coated glass, a clear or tinted glass is treated with a thin layer of metallic coating on one side, which can come in different tones to suit your office design. If your office happens to be located next to pathways, this type of glass can prevent people from looking in while still enabling you to see outside due to its mirror-like appearance. As it reflects light, you will be able to enjoy the surrounding view from your office without being turned off by the harsh glare of the sun. Additionally, reflective coated glass can also be used for decorative purposes.   

Double glazed units

Comprising of two or more panes of glass with an air gap in between, double glazed glass is built tough and sturdy. With guaranteed sound insulation as compared to single glazed glass, you can use double glazed glass as partitions to minimise outside noise for quieter phone call meetings. Similar to other types of glass, double glazed glass can significantly reduce the amount of UV light rays entering your office. This prevents potential damage on your furniture and wall decor, saving costs for you in the long run. 

Digitally printed

Through a digital glass printer, a ceramic ink is used in the printing process and the final product will have a permanent image embedded on the surface of the glass. Depending on what your glass company is able to offer, the possibilities are endless, and you can really get creative with digital printed glass. This can be a great opportunity to add a distinctive touch to your workplace and bring out your brand colours. Digital printed glass will essentially give your space the wow factor at first glance, a great way of attracting potential customers.  

We hope you have a clearer understanding of the types of glass and what they have to offer. With Kario Glass Pte Ltd, we cover a wide array of glass and structural solutions, providing services with our experienced glass-work consultants and a dedicated team of glass installation specialists. For glass solutions in Singapore, contact us at 83889444/ 63167229 or email us at [email protected] 

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